Drop The Punchline

Selena Gomez has called on Hollywood to stop writing tasteless, and potentially harmful jokes about organ transplants. While she is responding to recent jabs at her expense, the problem is nothing new.

For decades, the shortage of kidneys and other life-saving organs has been used as a punchline. These jokes have been written by some of the greatest writers and delivered by Hollywood royalty, but the practice needs to stop.

The only thing the public really understands about organ donation is that there is a shortage. In fact, 20 people die everyday waiting for a second chance at life and while there is no way for a person to “sell a kidney,” Hollywood loves to joke that a character should do just that when they are hard up for cash.

We ask that Hollywood take the #DropThePunchline Pledge.

Writers, producers, and directors can’t change punchlines of the past, but the entertainment industry can use their national platform to help us save lives now! Content creators can take the #DropThePunchline Pledge. and make three easy commitments.

Drop “sell a kidney.” It’s not real and it shouldn’t be a punchline.
Go beyond the shortage. There is so much involved with organ donation and transplantation. Work with DLH to find real and compelling conflicts.
Stop scaring people. Research shows that fear-based Hollywood storylines STOP people from signing up to be donors, which costs real lives.

If you are a content creator, sign the #DropThePunchline Pledge. Your name will be formally added to a growing list of Hollywood insiders who are making a commitment to save lives.

If you are a fan, join us by using #DropThePunchline in your social media to ask your favorite shows to take the pledge.