The Marked Heart

published on
May 16, 2022
Film Review

Dear Hollywood,

The Marked Heart, a new series on Netflix, is our worst nightmare.

We should be used to it since Hollywood churns out a seemingly never-ending parade of black market for organs storylines. Usually DLH can poke enough holes in fictional tales like Squid Game to prove to ourselves, if not to the general public, that the storyline is pure fantasy.

The Marked Heart extrapolates the black market for organs storyline to its most fearsome possibility, while also being the most medically plausible of all black market stories.

This terrifying combination makes The Marked Heart one of the most problematic storylines for our cause.

When writers detail this level of possibility but refuse to ignore reality - that people are not being killed for their organs - it creates real distrust in the donation system. And trust is all that matters in organ donation.

Trust makes people generous, and generosity saves lives.Conversely, fear and distrust makes people stop wanting to be generous.

When people don’t trust that their organs will go to the next person in need, they don’t give. When people fear their organs will go to some rich person, because rich people get whatever they want in this world, they don’t give. When people fear their own lives could be in danger as organ fodder for the wealthy, they don’t give.

And when people don’t give, the shortage worsens.

At its core The Marked Heart isn’t really about the organ donation system, it is about the cruelty and greed of humankind… and that may be the real offense to us in the organ donation community.

Every day professionals working for a regional organ procurement organization (OPO) walk into a hospital room where a grieving mother, child or friend has lost someone very suddenly and very tragically. Every day we see people in their darkest hour look beyond themselves to save the life of a complete stranger.

We see the best of humanity, that is the truth behind organ donation.

Netflix has confirmed a Season 2 of The Marked Heart. Fill out this form so DLH can share your concerns with Netflix executives and the show’s writer before they start filming.

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