DLH Scorecard

DLH uses scorecard criteria to determine which episodes/storylines receive a DLH Inspire Award!

Use the scorecard as you develop a script to assure authenticity and stay away from perpetuating myths and fears.
Keep your score confidential or send it to DLH so we can partner on your project.

Donation Advocates
Score an episode and send it to DLH to let us know about a positive or negative storyline
so that we can work to develop a DLH Activate App Response.
  • Category 1: The Donation Process
    How well does the storyline explain the organ, eye and tissue donation process?
  • The storyline explains the medical reasons why someone needs a transplant.
  • The storyline explained the criteria to be a donor.
  • For deceased donation only: The storyline had a discussion about brain death.
  • Category 2: The Transplant Process
    How well does the storyline explain the transplant process?
  • The storyline explains why someone might need a transplant.
  • The storylines includes criteria for getting listed and discusses time waiting.
  • The storyline describes the process and rules around matching organs between donor and recipient.
  • The surgical process was medically realistic.
  • Category 3: Myths & Fears
    Does the storyline perpetuate fears or debunk myths?
  • Do you think this episode creates fear?
  • Did this episode perpetuate or debunk one of more of these #HollywoodMyths?
    Black Market
    Rich/Famous Patients Get Prioity
    Medical Team Won’t Work As Hard To Save A Registered Organ Donor
    The System Is Broken
    The Organ Donation And Transplant Process Can’t Be Trusted
  • Category 4: Inspiration
    Does the storyline inspire people to Donate Life?
  • There is a call to action to register as a donor.
  • How did the story make you feel about donation?
  • Does the donation show a positive impact to the donor family?
  • Does the donation show a positive impact to the recipient?
  • Overall, I rate this storyline: